Thursday, December 18, 2008


Check out this awesome christmas carol on Alan's blog...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

here's another thing

This article (WARNING: adult-oriented subject matter) describes advertising trends that the author presents as demeaning to women.

For the sake of the shy, I'll put my comments in the comments...

Some hairstyle ideas...

If anyone ever reads this blog again (unlikely when you take as many long breaks from blogging as I do), feel free to let me know which of the hairstyles represented here would be best for me.
Thank you for your help.

Monday, December 08, 2008

lazy post...

Since I don't have time to blog or read blogs right now, I'll just throw up a couple of links for your dining pleasure:

About internet censorship.

About whether we ALL should be able to take performance-enhancing drugs, or whether they should only be for people start out outside the norm.
Interesting question, to me.
If you start out ADD or depressed or whatever, we agree you should take a drug to make you as much like everyone else as possible. But since when is the norm a good goal to shoot for? If there was a happy pill with no bad side-effects, shouldn't we *all* take it? How about a smart-making pill?
I attribute our resistance to the idea to:
a) our love of the status quo (comfort of the familiar, fear of the unknown, etc)
b) our feeling that we shouldn't mess around with norms that God established.

Further, why must we medicate people who are bi-polar or have tourettes or ADD if they don't *want* to be medicated? Obv, sometimes it's for their safety (or ours) -- but some ppl are mild enough that they don't pose a threat, and I think it's unconsciously more about "norming" people because their hyperactivity or tourettes outbursts make us nervous or uncomfortable...

What do YOU think?