Tuesday, November 24, 2009

reprise: this is why i say soccer players are p***ies

i played organized soccer for about 11 years. after hockey, it's my favorite sport. the sport is tough on your body, and i know soccer players are good athletes, and they take some painful injuries, etc. so i'm not saying the game is easy or you don't get hurt -- i'm saying i despise the constant "oh, look at me, give me a whistle because i'm rolling around on the ground faking an injury..." thing. quit trying to manipulate the referee, play the f*ing game. i've never played any other sport where players try to cheat so consistently. they dive, they fake injury, they hold shirts, they handle the ball, they constantly call for offsides no matter how obvious it is that it wasn't offsides -- drives me nuts.

look at the guy in the black uniform in this clip http://cdn-static.viddler.com/flash/publisher.swf?key=11f32836

little baby. you just kicked another guy in the nuts -- did oo hurt oo widdle footsie? STFU and sit down if you don't want to play.

ok, i feel better now...