Tuesday, August 22, 2006

mine's thinner than yours

Recent posts and comments about cell phones, which I am too lazy to link to, plus conversations with people I know, prompt me to offer the following:

I recently upgraded to the RAZR phone. In the words of my brother, who has the same phone, "Well, it's thin, and... it's thin." That's about it. The rest of it was designed by clowns. I'm not sure why Verizon hired clowns to do this. Clowns are good at popping out of little cars, bending over and making toot noises with little horns, and taking themselves and their role in the world far too seriously. When it comes to phones, sadly, they are not handy, and the RAZR only serves to highlight their deficiencies in this area.

Would you like to set your alarm? It takes nine (9) button pushes before you're at the part where you actually enter what TIME the alarm should go off.

Would you like to set which number (ie, home vs mobile) should be dialed when you choose a contact from your list? You don't go to the place where you edit that number; you need to upload your phone directory to your computer, change it, and download your numbers again.

Would you like to change the speed-dial #s? Same as above. Plus you can only speed-dial the first 9 numbers in your directory.

Would you like to do anything else with your phone? You can be assured that the way you do it is not intuitive, except perhaps for clowns.

But it is thin.


At Wed Aug 23, 04:39:00 PM PDT, Blogger Happy Mask Saleswoman said...

Even if it's thin, it's still ugly. And it has that thick heavy bit at the bottom.
not too many years from now, we're going to look back on it like we look back now on the very first cellular phones, all huge and clunky and inconvenient. I can't believe they carted those things around, they look so heavy and big and stupid, y'know?

At Wed Aug 23, 06:19:00 PM PDT, Blogger Erik said...

i didn't even know about the RAZR's apparent lack of any functionality whatsoever, and yet in my post on this issue, i clearly gave it a poor rating. i'll be waiting right here while you read it again. but don't try to set your alarm, too, because my time is limited.


At Wed Aug 23, 10:36:00 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our first 'car phone' cost $1,500 and looked like a car battery, but not as wide. Wowza......we've come a long way.

At Wed Aug 23, 10:59:00 PM PDT, Blogger Left Coast Sister said...

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At Thu Aug 24, 02:48:00 PM PDT, Blogger Lisa said...

I thought thin was ALWAYS good...

At Sun Aug 27, 12:01:00 PM PDT, Anonymous si said...

okay, maybe YOU are not so lame -- it might be the phone...

that does it -- since i'm in the market for a new phone, i don't think i'll be getting the razr (thanks to your letting me try it out recently and now, ringing [ha] endorsement).

obviously, lisa, THIN is not always good! :)


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