Thursday, August 17, 2006

my life is chaos, yet still not interesting

Spent the night at the new rental. With some furniture in, it's not that ugly.

Yesterday morning I should have been moving, packing, etc before leaving for CA again, but I foolishly agreed to go back to my old place to do 3 hrs of remote support for a client first.

Woke up at 8am, couldn't find the keys to my truck. Turned the rental upside down, nothing. Finally got a ride from a kind friend, got started at 10am, gave the client their 3 hrs.

After that it was a goat rodeo, running around town doing errands, trying to get business stuff taken care of, phone calls from every human being I know, etc. No big disasters, mind -- you'll just have to trust me that it was like being bit to death by ducks.

David and I made our flight (barely), and we both slept all the way to San Jose.

At the airport Jerry Rice was waiting for luggage at the same carousel we were -- not sure if he was on our flight or not. He played a year for the SeaChickens, so maybe he has a house up there or something. Nobody seemed to notice him, tho, which was probably fine with him.

Got to my brother and sister-in-law's place about 11, visited till 1:30am, after which I drove to Roseville. Happily I did not fall asleep and get killed. For the record: Red Bull makes me shudder, but it's better than Mountain Dew.

This morning I didn't have any toiletries -- since you have to check liquids & gels, I put my kit in a large checked bag. Which I left at my brother's. Also forgot my dress shoes, so I'm wearing cowboy boots with my dress slacks. Par for the course lately, really.


At Thu Aug 17, 10:35:00 PM PDT, Blogger Left Coast Sister said...

Do you ever wonder why you get up in the morning? But I'm sure the boots and slacks approach worked well in Sacto, since there's a little bit of cowboy in the wild west. Hope you make it home in one piece.

At Fri Aug 18, 01:32:00 PM PDT, Anonymous si said...

would've been mad at you if you had been killed coming to roseville (who would've worked on our stuff?!?)

boots w/slacks -- kinda like a wanna-be-gentleman-rancher? it's a good thing we're not particular with our consultants! :)

hope your next few weeks are productive but less hectic for you...

At Fri Aug 18, 02:19:00 PM PDT, Blogger Alan said...

So where do they hold these goat rodeos?

At Sun Aug 20, 07:54:00 PM PDT, Blogger Erik said...

want to know a few things that will make you lose respect for me?
ok, here's the deal:

--i've had more than 4 separate dreams of meeting jerry rice.
--more like 7 separate dreams.
--i made a dream scrapbook of jerry rice.
--just kidding, it was a regular scrapbook, but it followed his career through the niners, raiders, and seahawks.

--you see him at the airport terminal, and comment that maybe he has a house in the area. yeah, YOU THINK???



ok i'm good now, thanks for letting me talk about that.

At Sun Aug 20, 07:58:00 PM PDT, Blogger Erik said...

p.s. i started the scrapbook when i was 15, and didn't add to it THAT much over the years. c'mon, you have to believe me.


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