Thursday, February 28, 2008


Here's a story about an exchange student who lost a bunch of weight because (he says) his host family didn't feed him enough.

They asked "Would you send your child overseas?"

My favorite answer:

No way, Jose. With the global situation the way it is today, as far as I am concerned, my kid can learn anything she needs to know through Wikepedia! God bless the USA!


At Fri Feb 29, 10:00:00 PM PST, Blogger Left Coast Sister said...

Am I the only one who thinks there's some missing information in this story... Why was the kid not writing/emailing/calling his parents and why did no one on the pgm take drastic measures to figure out what was going on? These programs aren't cheap, I don't know why he, the other students, the teachers, the program directors, etc., just looked the other way. Having lived with a host family, I just don't get it. There are avenues to resolve life-threatening living conditions in programs like this.


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