Monday, July 02, 2007

still alive

My daughter suggested that I used to write funny stories, and also post some of them on my blog and why don't I do that any more.

The answer is that I'm very busy and my life right now is very boring. Sorry about that.

For the sake of the 3 people who still read this blog, I'll post a cartoon I liked, from

Also: my hockey team that usually loses has posted two wins in a row, including last night's game where my line* scored all five goals in a 5-2 effort. Great was our status in the locker room, with many kudos heaped upon us plus guy stuff where people pretend to be angry that we hogged all the scoring and disparage us and our heritage. A good time had by all.

*For those who care: a "line" is three forwards (a center and two wingers) who play together -- we would typically get on and off the ice within a few seconds of each other, etc, so we stay together as a unit...


At Mon Jul 02, 03:17:00 PM PDT, Blogger Lisa said...

Glad to hear you are still alive, Bryan....was sorry to hear about your breakup with Camila...very difficult stuff. Hope you are doing okay.

No need to be funny for me. I don't know about the other two.

At Mon Jul 02, 03:25:00 PM PDT, Blogger applevenusian said...

I like funny, but don't force it... the comic strip is cute, just my style.

So you guys kicked some butt in the fourth period! Way to go, ese!

At Mon Jul 02, 06:18:00 PM PDT, Blogger si said...

yay for the hockey update!! ;-) and so grateful for the explanation (do i *need* to tell you?). actually, i'm glad you won and had a good time.

as the 3rd apparent reader, i'm not necessarily looking for funny from you either.

and i wanted to tell you i was dissed today (that should make you feel better, eh?). i ran into a bunch of engineers on the way back from lunch. we were giving each other a bad time as usual (you know how engineers think they're better accountants than accountants are, right?). one smarta** told me an engineering/accounting joke -- what's the difference between an accountant and an engineer? an engineer is an accountant with a personality!! ha,ha!! so funny, this guy is! :-P (hope it helped your day -- my being disparaged, i mean.) :-)

At Mon Jul 02, 08:52:00 PM PDT, Blogger Alan said...

Show me the funny.


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