Monday, June 18, 2007

busy me

Sorry no posts for the last while.

Stuff that's true lately:

1) Kids (mostly David) needing more time with me at home.

2) Me and Camila breaking up (see #1 above).

3) I knew it was going to hurt.

4) I didn't know it would be this much.

5) First thing I do after making that dramatic gesture of self-sacrifice is leave my kids and go away for a 6-day vacation -- just me and some buddies. But I needed it. Feels like looong ago that I last took a vacation where I wasn't responsible for someone else's good time.

6) My vacation was a learn-to-sail course in the islands off of Victoria, BC.

7) I've concluded I like sailing better than I like working.

8) I'm way behind on client stuff again.

9) This is me getting back to work now...


At Mon Jun 18, 03:40:00 PM PDT, Blogger Kylee said...

Sorry to hear about the difficulties. It is tough.

Its good to get away for "YOU" time once in while, or at least that is what I hear.

At Mon Jun 18, 07:23:00 PM PDT, Blogger si said...

(been gone myself for a while). very sorry to hear this, bryan...

At Mon Jun 18, 08:50:00 PM PDT, Blogger Alan said...

Most anything is better than working.

At Mon Jun 18, 10:23:00 PM PDT, Blogger jay aitch said...

Bryan, you win the best dad of the year award!

At Tue Jun 19, 12:02:00 PM PDT, Blogger applevenusian said...

I'm sorry to hear about your tough times... glad that you got to get out and relieve some stress.

At Tue Jun 19, 06:32:00 PM PDT, Blogger Alan said...

Picture Two: "The mate was a mighty sailing man..."

You've been tagged for a "prestigious" honor on my alternate blog.

At Thu Jun 21, 07:07:00 AM PDT, Blogger bryan torre said...

thx for your support, guys.

it's not like camiila & i are heloise & abelard or something, but it's really hard for both of us.

not easy to pull away from something that has been so sweet, comforting, life-affirming, effortless.

we're really good together -- we communicate well, when we argue it's short, respectful, and to the point. we make up right away.

we both have our faults, but neither of us has flaws that seriously bug the other person -- the chemistry* is the same even after two years.

*i'm talking here about the enthusiasm we feel about the other person, not that other nasty thing you were thinking about. altho that was still the same after two yrs as well.


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