Friday, June 08, 2007

boring stories about how dumb other people are

David’s cell phone got stolen. I called the company that provides the insurance I pay Verizon for…


Then followed a conversation during which Aayaugh
  • was unable to find my record via David’s phone number
  • was unable to find my name
  • asked me four (4) times for my address
  • confused Washington state with Maryland
  • put me on hold twice
  • suggested I might not be able to open a claim without knowing the exact purchase date of the phone
  • after I described the theft (at her request), she then asked “Do you still have the phone?”

I still have to call back later to complete the claim, after I find the name and badge number of the officer who took the report. I’m not looking forward to it.


I tried to make a reservation online for a ferry trip, but the website wasn’t working right. I sent an email describing the problem with the website (you don't have to read it, but in case you want to, it said:)
… Clicking "web reservations" takes you to the page where you check a box to acknowledge that you need to take your passport; but when you get there, your Route Schedule has re-set to "Select a Route Schedule". If you continue without selecting a route schedule, you get an error message; if you select a route schedule, it takes you back to the beginning page for that route schedule, where you started.

I got the following reply:
This does not say you have to have a passport, this says you may be asked to show proof of citizenship which would be a passport, birth certificate with picture ID. You can still get into Canada with a drivers license, it just makes it easier with the other documents. Go ahead and click that you read it, and then continue to make your reservation. If you have any problems call the 1-888-808-7977 and talk to one of our agents.

Gosh, thanks guys.


At Fri Jun 08, 09:51:00 AM PDT, Blogger Left Coast Sister said...

Just a suggestion: After the second time she/he asked for your address, ask for a supervisor. That's a ridiculous amount of patience you have, my friend.
As for me, I can't stand customer service phone calls. I much prefer semifore signals, and I think they're more effective.

At Fri Jun 08, 01:47:00 PM PDT, Blogger bryan torre said...

yeah, i thot about asking for a supervisor, but the girl was trying hard, not very bright, probably in the wrong job, and trying to be polite to me while clearly frustrated with the computer system in front of her. i guess it's dumb, but i felt sorry for her, and didn't want to get her in trouble...

At Fri Jun 08, 06:26:00 PM PDT, Blogger jay are said...

classic rocket science.

At Sat Jun 09, 11:04:00 PM PDT, Blogger anya ransuns aka Roxy said...

One time I used my snake's name (roxalana, incidentally) as my name to sign up for aol -- i don't USE aol, mind you, but i think i used one of those free CDs to get online so i could buy real service -- in any case, then i forgot to cancel and they were billing me so i called to cancel. She had my account info in front of her, and she confirmed they had been debiting my account, but somehow she wasn't finding my name and so she refused to allow any action on my account, such as cancelation. Then I finally remembered that maybe I'd signed up using the name Roxalana, mostly because AOL annoys me and I felt like not giving them my name, and also because I use that name online sometimes. I came up with the name and she agreed that was the name on the account. I then (foolishly) explained I had just used my snake's name, Roxalana, but that my real name was (surprise) the name on the account they were faithfully debiting. But she could cancel me anyway. After some more back and forth, she told me that to protect my (?) privacy they couldn't cancel that account since that wasn't my name, it was my snake's name. I said, "Well surely you can cancel my account -- you are certainly able to get the money out of MY account every month, regardless of your concerns for my privacy, so actually, yes you can cancel my account." Then I said something to the effect of,
"It's a snake! I used the snake's name! It's me, I used it!" or something, in my exasperation. Then, and I do NOT kid, and I am telling the absolute truth, the woman said:

"Is the snake there?"

Yes. She did. She did ask that. Is. the. snake. there. The snake was not there, since I gave her to my nephews, but what, praytell, was going to happen if Roxy had happened to be home? Would she hiss her agreement into the phone? Parseltongue, perhaps? When I composed myself I explained that the snake was not there, because I had given her to my nephews, but I was sure it was fine with the snake, and that I would not get off the phone until she cancelled my account. Is...the...snake....there. The mind boggles.

At Sun Jun 10, 09:55:00 PM PDT, Blogger Alan said...

Dumb people are amazing. I once shoved an X-Acto knife into my wrist (No, that's not the dumb people bit, but it may be close).

So, I go to the emergency care facility on base. I have a make-shift bandage wrapped around my wrist and I'm bleeding on the counter. The corpsman asks, "Did this happen today?"

At Mon Jun 11, 09:15:00 AM PDT, Blogger Crystal said...

they can't find you in the system when you need help, but i bet they can sure as hell find where to send your bill.

At Tue Jun 12, 02:57:00 PM PDT, Blogger blogball said...

Loved the snake story Roxy!

Maybe she thought AOL stood for Asp On Line.

At Wed Jun 13, 11:21:00 AM PDT, Blogger prrrof said...

A new saying to add to our family list of "cool phrases that remind us of funny stories and people we like:"

Is the snake there?

love love love it!

At Fri Jun 15, 09:33:00 PM PDT, Blogger applevenusian said...

bryan, where are you? Busy bee?

At Mon Jun 18, 08:37:00 AM PDT, Blogger Crystal said...

and that reminds me...i hate cell phone companies. sprint pissed me off to the point of me yelling at the 8th person they transferred me to and then the asshead hung up on me because i was yelling.

i was so mad after that i almost punched myself in the face.


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