Friday, October 13, 2006

i'm totally unique, just like everybody else...

I feel like there are an unusual number of things that thousands (or millions) of other people seem to really like, but I completely fail to see the appeal of. Off the top of my head, the beginning of this list would look like:

- licorice
- hard rock
- The Three Stooges
- ketchup
- The Rolling Stones
- Austin Powers
- hardwood flooring
- Jackson Pollack
- cola drinks
- John Wayne
- berber carpet
- furniture made of black leather & chrome

Anything on your list?


At Fri Oct 13, 02:08:00 AM PDT, Blogger Andi said...

Austin Powers
plastic runners on carpet
my 110lb dog on a leash
Dijon mustard
spiked heels
Acoustic Alchemy, or the like
nose piercing

So that's a few, but what is wrong with hardwood floors? They are easy to clean, less upkeep, less dirt, and they look beautiful as frame around that very special through rug.

At Fri Oct 13, 06:16:00 AM PDT, Blogger prrrof said...


At Fri Oct 13, 06:34:00 AM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And don't forget "New York New York" and "My Way".

And Grape Nuts who would want to eat very small rocks.

At Fri Oct 13, 09:19:00 AM PDT, Blogger jay are said...

Andi, don't get Bryan or his brother started about hardwood floors. I think when they were in the womb, they were frightened by a shiny, pretty, classy-looking hardwood floor. Go figure (that expression would be on my list).

--baggy pants that look ridiculous.
--having every hair in place.
--TV shows where people are cruel and mean and it's labeled "entertainment"
--commercials, etc., that glorify disrespecting teachers, parents, any person with some sort of authority
--tongue piercing
--really low pants with fat gushing out the top

At Fri Oct 13, 10:19:00 AM PDT, Anonymous si said...

-celery (except celery sticks w/ranch dressing or peanut butter)
-angelina jolie :)
-most country music
-most modern art
-ditto on licorice, muffin-top pants, spongebob, austin powers

actually, i'm sure there's lots more, just can't think of them now...

and you don't care for cola drinks? don't you drink diet coke? or am i confusing you with someone else?

At Fri Oct 13, 11:25:00 AM PDT, Blogger blogball said...

I know this list makes me sound like an old fart but I really don’t feel like one

.Professional Wrestling
.Formula One racing
.Tractor Pulls
.Rap Music
.Men’s jewelry (especially nipple rings)
.Cotton Candy
.Reality TV Shows

Note: I am a little surprised about Sponge Bob showing up on a couple of lists.
I find him pretty funny.
si, & Andi, just curious why you don’t like him. Is he just too silly or over rated or is it something else?

At Fri Oct 13, 11:28:00 AM PDT, Blogger bryan torre said...

Wow. That's the most comments in the shortest amt of time ever on this blog. Thank you for your contributions.
I agree with many of them.
If you want me to explain the appeal of spike heels or angelina jolie, just LMK.

PS. I do drink diet coke, because -- while it's vile -- it's the *least* vile sugar-free caffeine delivery vehicle i know about.

At Fri Oct 13, 11:57:00 AM PDT, Blogger Alan said...

I would take Rock, Stones, and Stooges off the list!

"I can't get no, Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk, satisfaction."

At Fri Oct 13, 01:28:00 PM PDT, Blogger Andi said...

About Spongebob--the fact that you have to ask is quite concerning

At Fri Oct 13, 02:35:00 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

but if you don't like hardwood floors, and you don't like Berber carpet, what's your floor covering of choice?? Dirt??!?

At Fri Oct 13, 05:15:00 PM PDT, Blogger blogball said...

Had to stick up for the sponge man. The reason I asked is when I first saw SpongeBob I just thought how stupid is this.
Then I watched a couple of episodes (I have a 10 year old daughter) and discovered it was pretty funny. He is kind of an acquired taste like fine wine.

At Sat Oct 14, 11:16:00 AM PDT, Blogger Left Coast Sister said...

what's wrong with ketchup, bryan? Or o you prefer catsup? The canadians were eating ketchup flavored potato chips in the late '80s...

At Sun Oct 15, 02:52:00 PM PDT, Anonymous si said...

blogball: (glad about your clarification of having a 10-yr old) :) must admit i haven't really made major attempts at watching spongebob; the few times have been w/my niece & nephew and it was rather painful for me to watch. however, their dad seems to enjoy it very much!

bryan: how could i forget plums on my list? yes, definitely *plums* (says the person raised on a plum orchard...)

At Sat Oct 21, 10:19:00 AM PDT, Blogger bryan torre said...

si, plums are SO not on the list.

lcs, as for ketchup, catsup, or any other spelling, i just find the taste repugnant. ketchup-flavored chips are actually why i left canada in the first place.

lisa, dirt *is* nice, but i suppose you're too snooty for it.
actually, i like regular carpet -- not trap-every-known-allergen shag, not hey-my-feet-are-bleeding-berber, and certainly not cold-dusty-echoing-19th-century-britain hardwood. just regular low-pile carpet that you can lie down on and play monopoly or read a book or wrestle with your kids or whatever. no 12-24" band of hard floor around the edge of the room filled with dust bunnies and mystery grit. no catching the edge of the area rug in the vaccuum cleaner. no icy draft sweeping around your feet.
afaic, hardwood is excellent for kitchens and bathrooms, but for living areas and bedrooms, right-thinking God-fearing people in this century use carpet...

At Mon Oct 23, 06:41:00 PM PDT, Anonymous si said...

this is the last one (i swear!)...

heard this survey on the radio -- which is better: crunchy cheetos or puffy cheetos? well, if you've ever gotten sick after eating crunchy cheetos, i think you'd know which would be on my unfathomable list... (i know, it'd be a "bonding" experience if you were around [tho, i really don't think so].) ;-)

btw, i was like 9 when this happened. haven't had a crunchy cheeto since.


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