Saturday, October 07, 2006


Boring story #1:

I found a cell phone on Bourbon St.

Tried calling a few numbers in the phone book to get it back to the right person, but no luck.

Seemed the owner (Lola) was exchanging lovey-dovey txt msgs with someone named Jack, so I called him. Unfortunately, he didn't have another number for Lola.

Then Lola's roommate called looking for her; I gave her my number and asked her to have Lola call me.

Then a different guy called me saying "This is Lola's boyfriend, I understand you have her cell phone..."

Lola herself has never called.

Tomorrow I'll give the phone to someone at the Verizon store and they can figure it out.


Boring story #2:

Lost my own cellphone at lunch on Tuesday. Called Verizon, who gave me the number of Assurion, their -- or apparently, my -- phone insurance provider.
Assurion informed me there was a $50 deductible, which Verizon hadn't mentioned when originally selling me the insurance on the phone. (BTW, didja know that with Verizon you're insuring whatever phone is on your *line*, not the phone itself?)

Anyway, the good part is that after I paid the deductible via credit card over the phone (around 6:30pm), DHL showed up at my hotel the next morning (8:45am) with a replacement phone. I thought that was pretty nifty. I lost the most recent version of my phone list of course, but all in all a fairly painless experience.


At Sat Oct 07, 05:07:00 PM PDT, Anonymous si said...

still think whoever found *your* phone should've been trying to return it to you since you tried so hard w/the phone you found. (is this a tongue-twister?)


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