Thursday, June 08, 2006

geeky stuff

Calendars have always seemed interesting and confusing to me. ("That must be wonderful; I don't understand it at all!") I think I was 30 before I figured out how and why leap years work, but when I did, it was really cool.

Anyway, my point is that it seems to me it would be much simpler to have 13 months: 12 of them would have 28 days, and the last month of the year ("Bryanember") would have 29.

Leap years would still be necessary: every 4 yrs Bryanember would have 30 days (except when every 4 yrs falls on a year ending in 00, unless that year is also divisible by 400, or whatever the rule is).

Bryanember 29th (and 30th, when it exists) would always be a gov't holiday.

Think how easy things would be:
  • Each month is exactly 4 weeks long, except for Bryanember, which has the extra day.
  • Every month starts on the same day of the week all year. Next year, the months all start on the next day of the week (leap years, two days ahead).
  • Payroll would be simple: semi-monthly and bi-weekly are the same thing; no 3-paycheck months to deal with for bi-weekly payrolls; FLSA rules would be much easier to administer. Okay, I got sidetracked there, but the point is it would be really easy to figure out how many days it is between April 11th and November 8th.
  • Planning vacations would be simpler.
  • Months would match the moon's cycles.
  • If your wife/girlfriend operates on a 28-day schedule, it would be easy to keep track of -- the 11th thru the 14th (for example) would be strawberry week every month all year long, and you could plan accordingly.

I realize this will never happen because of the logistics of changing it, but if it ever comes up to a vote, you know which side I'll be on...


At Thu Jun 08, 08:01:00 PM PDT, Anonymous si said...

so, many *weeks* of nothing on this blog, then boom, 3 posts of such distinct variety... your mind is a wonder, i tell you! :)

i have to confess that when i first scanned this post, i read "bryanember" as "bryanmember" -- like you had named your... oh, never mind. ;)

also, thx for making the extra days in bryanember govt holidays. assuming govts still get all of the traditional holidays, right? and, discussing payperiods and FLSA is work-talk. proves your true geekiness, i think.

oh, & my word verification *was* "FSLAfjqw" before the original post got lost... (how many people call FLSA "FSLA" in error?)


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