Saturday, April 08, 2006

phone message

When I got off the plane last night I had a voicemail waiting from Samantha saying "We missed you, blah blah blah... and could you stop and get milk and diet root beer on your way home?"
At the end of the msg she added "... and I hope you didn't die in a horrible plane crash and have to eat your survivors..."

This is a beautiful example of ADD in action, and it made me smile. By the time she got to the word "crash", she'd already forgotten it was horrible and that I had died. Mentally she had already moved on to examples of plane crashes and the one where the rugby team ate each other in the Andes. (They didn't eat the survivors, BTW -- just some of the bodies of the non-survivors...)

Anyway, she's brilliant and I love her, but just try explaining anything that takes longer than, say, one second to communicate or understand...


At Sun Apr 09, 09:10:00 PM PDT, Blogger Kylee said...

Sounds like she had every faith that you would be home...I bet it was a great message to get!!

At Mon Apr 10, 02:58:00 AM PDT, Blogger Happy Mask Saleswoman said...

I meant to say that.


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