Wednesday, March 15, 2006

some things are just not okay

If you think this is an acceptable way to open a bag of macaroni, then cursed be thou and thy seed forever.

In other news, Samantha indicated to me that it was just too difficult to remember to do her chores every single day.

I said that chores are eminently rememberable if one wants to, and that if she was unable to figure out a way to remember them, I would help her, and that I was sure she'd prefer her way to my way.

Then I made macaroni, and had to deal with the incorrectly-opened bag above (how long, O Lord?). ;-)

Okay, that wasn't too bad, really -- I got over it. But while I was in the act of pouring the macaroni into the water, Sam -- sitting on her bum less than a yard from me -- asked if I would get her a soda out of the fridge. I said "Get your own d*** soda, you little parasite." No, actually I didn't, but I did try to make her feel foolish, lazy, and self-centered so she'd have something to live up to.

Couldn't find the cheese grater, but in a drawer I found a Pampered Chef rotary one, which is approximately the same amt of trouble as nibbling the cheese into little strings with your teeth. Plus you have a 16-part contraption covered with smeared cheese when you're done. So you have that going for you.

When macaroni was ready, I indicated that part of Sam's learning-to-remember-chores program would be that she could eat when the dishes --two days old in the sink -- were done. She said "That doesn't make any sense. You're just opening your mouth and random sounds are coming out..."

I'd be mad at her, but she makes me laugh.


At Wed Mar 15, 05:23:00 PM PST, Blogger jay are said...

and she's making me laugh too....I see the nut doesn't fall too far from the tree. Meaning you're both funny, of course.

Thanks for the laugh. And by the way, that bag is NOTHING compared to some things I've seen in my house. Apparently the two seconds longer that it takes to do it right is just far too much time.

At Wed Mar 15, 06:21:00 PM PST, Anonymous si said...

i can relate to the improper opening -- meaning that i *have* opened things willy-nilly. (don't ask me why -- "i have no common sense" as my mother would say!). tho, i didn't say it was acceptable -- does this get me out of being cursed?

sam makes me laugh too, as do you (not meaning to copy jay are).

At Thu Mar 16, 06:45:00 AM PST, Blogger unca said...

Well, if this is one of those bags that you have to open with scissors or a knife or it won't tear or something, then I say bore a hole in it ala Sam! I've been tempted to stomp on these.
As for the quote, it's priceless and I plan to use it both a work and at home. The stuff you can learn from your kids!

At Thu Mar 16, 08:56:00 AM PST, Blogger Kylee said...

You both make me laugh...this is entertainment!!!

At Thu Mar 16, 05:42:00 PM PST, Blogger blogball said...

I’m with Sam on this one. I go with the caveman bag opening technique most of the time unless there is company around. (Especially if there is someone with A.B.S. around). Oh, that stands for Anal Bag Syndrome. “Sorry Bryan”

As far as “That doesn't make any sense. You're just opening your mouth and random sounds are coming out..."

Like Unca, I will put this in my repatwar.

At Sat Mar 18, 04:54:00 PM PST, Anonymous si said...

either i'm not that bad with the lack of common sense or your relatives lack it as i much as i do. (maybe we're all just extremely lazy...) we'll be cursed together.


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