Wednesday, January 11, 2006

also this

Some cool stuff I found out about from reading nerdygirl's site...

1) Funny blonde joke.

2) Million dollar home page. Guy sold the space on the site for $1 per pixel. Wish I'd thought of it...


At Thu Jan 12, 10:27:00 AM PST, Blogger jay are said...

1) very funny. haha.

2) I can still hear my husband's anguished cries because he didn't think of this first :) there's gotta be another easy mil out there just waiting to be nabbed.

At Sat Jan 14, 01:22:00 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll have to admit that was clever -- even though I'm quite blonde.

Ya know, there aren't a lot of jokes about brunettes. No one seems to care about them. Or, the jokes ;-)

Well, there's one I like, but I never tell it in "mixed" company.

Victoria, PK


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