Sunday, March 02, 2008

i am slow

i are spozed to be a computer professional. but i'm pretty busy, and don't always keep up.

anyway, it's taken me till now to make use of a reader to keep up with the sites i like (my brother, who does keep up, told me to).
i had subscribed to various RSS feeds, but not all organized together.

aaanyway, for anyone who doesn't already, i suggest using Google Reader (or similar). then all your favorite sites appear one one page, with the ones containing new content bolded.

that is all at this time. for tips on setting it up, call my brother.


At Sun Mar 02, 02:56:00 PM PST, Blogger Lisa said...

I use bloglines and they are also a great way to keep track...

At Sun Mar 02, 06:58:00 PM PST, Blogger dkgoodman said...

I use Bloglines too. Love it. And it's nice because it doesn't matter which of my computers I run it from.


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