Friday, May 11, 2007


Here’s a little Rorschach test for you…

Los Angeles Police to Review Use of Force During Immigration Rally

video here


At Fri May 11, 01:09:00 PM PDT, Blogger blogball said...

I live in the LA area so this is still making big news here.

The simple reply for me is there may be a few bad apples on both sides.

Some demonstrators throwing rocks & bottles at police: NOT GOOD

(But the overwhelming majority demonstated peacefully)

Some Police acting (or giving orders) over aggressively against demonstrators and the news crews. NOT GOOD

(But the overwhelming majority of police showed disciplined restraint with the demonstrators)

Yes, there should be an investigation concerning the LAPDs use of force. (There are several going on now including one by the FBI) Let’s wait and see what those investigations conclude before we jump to concussions.

Unfortunately in this sound bite talking head media world we live in we mostly hear quotes and opinions from the fringe groups like the ones below.

Fringe Group #1 “This proves the LAPD is racist. Those cops should go to jail and the Chief should be fired”

Fringe Group # 2 “If they don’t like the way they are treated they should go back to their own country. If I tried doing what they did in their 3rd world countries I would probably be shot dead.

I think the majority of the people feel like I do but it’s not very exciting.

“Can’t we all just get along?”

At Sat May 12, 11:19:00 AM PDT, Blogger bryan torre said...

thx, blogball. i agree with you.

and i find it interesting how compelled people feel to make a strong statement for/against one side or the other, and how often which side people take has to do with their general attitude toward immigrants...

At Sat May 12, 02:43:00 PM PDT, Blogger Left Coast Sister said...

I agree with blogball. While most of the footage looks like the police were way overboard, I would hope that people would understand they aren't seeing the whole event. On the other hand, it stinks that human nature and the quest for proving one's power cones out when one is also wearing a SWAT team outfit and carrying a billy club. And I do think this country is generally very nervous when a large group of people darker than lily white come together. It's just not as simple as a 3 minute clip.

At Sun May 13, 04:55:00 PM PDT, Blogger unca said...

Yeah, it all depends on whose ideological ox is being gored. A conservative is a liberal who's been mugged. A liberal is a conservative who's been arrested.

At Mon May 14, 04:21:00 PM PDT, Blogger blogball said...

Keeping with the inkblot theme this is just a little observation that I have noticed.
During conversations people will refer to individuals crossing the US boarder to the south unlawfully as:

Illegal Aliens: Usually these people are not that sympathetic and are sometimes in favor of deportation for some or all.

Illegal Immigrants: Usually not in favor of anymore Immigrants crossing the boarder illegally but is somewhat sympathetic to their plight.

Undocumented Workers: Usually sympathetic to their plight and would like to see some type of amnesty program set up.

Immigrants: (Never use the word Illegal). Always Symithetic to their plight. Usually favors complete amnesty across the board or even open boarders.

Note: I use to use the term Illegal Aliens because I am in the hotel business and the immigrants that apply for work have the word RESIDENT ALIEN stamped across their Green Card so I added the word illegal and didn’t think anything of it
Someone told me that that’s an offensive term so I use “undocumented workers” now.
So the above analysis is not 100%

At Mon May 14, 08:11:00 PM PDT, Blogger blogball said...

Just to clarify.. I only used the term illegal alien when the resident alien was discovered to have illegal status. It sounded a bit like I was calling all aliens illegal.
I guess this is an example of how sensitive this subject is.


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