Friday, December 15, 2006

this is like amway, only not satanic


At Sat Dec 16, 07:26:00 AM PST, Blogger Lisa said...

I notice there's no button to say "no" if you DON'T want to play the game.

At Tue Dec 19, 04:25:00 PM PST, Blogger Lisa said...

I feel left out. Everytime I click on the link, I get taken to a different site. Once, it was a google search. Mostly, it just says it's not available.

I tried it from nerdygirl too - maybe I'm just not cool enough :(

At Tue Dec 19, 04:25:00 PM PST, Blogger Lisa said...

Oh, and the second Lisa is a different one than the first.

At Tue Dec 19, 04:48:00 PM PST, Blogger bryan torre said...

hi lisas,

#1: if you don't play, the sherriff comes to your house and shoots you.

#2: would have to see your machine to be sure, but it could be you have some kind of adware/scumware "helping" your browser out.
or it could be an issue with a firewall or filtering software (if you're at work), or your connection could be really slow and it's timing out, or it could be something totally unrelated to any of the above that i have no clue about...

At Wed Dec 20, 06:28:00 PM PST, Blogger Lisa said...

This is Lisa #2 (via Nerdygirl & NotTotallyInept)

Thanks for the suggestion - it was SecureServicePack - what a PITA - I got it to work now - yipee!


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