Thursday, April 26, 2007

I think this is funny...

From The 1995 first quarterly edition of the "Tax Bar Journal" [from an actual trial transcript]

The Court: Next witness.

Ms. Olschner: Your honor, at this time, I would like to swat Mr. Buck in the head with his client's deposition.

The Court: You mean read it?

Ms. Olschner: No sir, I mean swat him in the head with it. Pursuant to Rule 32, I may use this deposition for any purpose, and that is the purpose for which I want to use it.

The Court: Well, it does say that. (pause) There being no objection, you may proceed.

Ms. Olschner: Thank you, Judge Hanes. (whereupon Ms. Olschner swatted Mr. Buck in the head with the deposition.)

Mr. Buck: But, Judge.

The Court: Next witness.

Mr. Buck: We object.

The Court: Sustained. Next witness.


At Thu Apr 26, 06:20:00 PM PDT, Blogger si said...

me too. :)

At Sun Apr 29, 05:16:00 PM PDT, Blogger unca said...

Hmm. This smacks of urban legend. I suppose the actual sourch exists somewhere. The Texas Bar Journal (not the Tax Bar Journal) is published monthly not quarterly but in any case only reports the transcript from yet another third party source (friend of a friend?).
P.S. It's still funny

At Mon Apr 30, 06:06:00 PM PDT, Blogger bryan torre said...

you're definitely right, unca.
but i wish so much that it were true...


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