Thursday, April 21, 2005

piano man

Samantha: I have a piano lesson at 5:30

Me: The calendar says it's not a private lesson this week, it's a class-lesson. At 7:15.

Samantha: Mom wrote it on the wrong day. Wait, I guess I have two lessons, a regular one and a class lesson.

Me [after rearranging my evening appointments, and leaving a msg with the studio to check on the time]: Okay, I can take you right now. Make sure you take a book or homework or something in case you only have a class lesson.

Samantha: Hurry up, we're late.

Me: If you would do what I asked -- use your little calendar/schedule book -- we wouldn't be having this confusion. You would just look in your book, and we'd all know what to do.

Samantha: I lost it.

Me: Well, then you need another one.

Samantha: I can just use my school schedule book.

Me: Well, then USE it!

Samantha: I did. That's how I know I have a lesson today.

Me: Oh. Okay.

We arrive (it's a 20-minute drive) to find that the only lesson Samantha has is indeed a class lesson at 7:15, which the teacher says she explained in detail to Samantha two weeks ago. (But since the ADD Princess can't think more than 30 seconds ahead, AND REFUSES TO COMPENSATE OR ADJUST HER BEHAVIOUR TO ACCOUNT FOR THE DEFICIT, we are naturally messed up again. And believe me, I've tried everything -- printed calendars, charts on the wall, hand-held calendars, PDA, whatever. She can't be bothered with such trivial and annoying stuff. So it's continual missed apppointments, missed assignments, missed everything. It can be a bit frustrating.)

Me: Okay, well you can just wait here, and practice till your class lesson.

Samantha: I'm not waiting here for an hour and 45 minutes! I have things to do! I don't have any homework or anything to do here!

Me: Yes, you are. I'm not making three trips today. You can just practice piano.

Samantha: I"m not practicing piano for three hours!

Me: I guess you are. See you at 8:15.

Samantha [stalks into the studio]...


At Mon May 30, 10:17:00 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought I would make a comment since no one made a comment to this one yet. Hmmm well anyway hopefully someday she'll be a famous artist and when she doesn't show up for her appointments, she will be more sought after and the people will just pay more for her drawings or her CDs or something.


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