Saturday, October 09, 2004


In my cynicism, I have decided that:

1) When women say they want a sensitive man, they don't mean a man who has sensitivities of his own (ie, emotional weakness or neediness). They want one who is sensitive to *their* needs -- other types of sensitivity are of little importance. Sensitivity to art, fashion, etc fall into the "nice bonus" category; sensitivity as in being easily touched/hurt are a huge turnoff. Women absolutely *hate* guys who are like puppy dogs.

2) Women complain that men don't talk, share their feelings, etc. But the truth is that a woman doesn't want to hear her man say what he's thinking -- she wants to hear her man say what *she's* thinking. The proof of this is that 75% of what men are thinking is considered by women to be somewhere between evil at worst and unworthy or a waste of time at best. There are no rewards for sharing what we're thinking -- only punishments. We start learning this at about age 11...


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