Thursday, September 30, 2004

Leykis 101

Recently someone was extolling the virtues of talk radio host Tom Leykis, and what he calls "Leykis 101" -- instruction for guys (mostly) about life and relationships. Leykis seems to be very popular, especially with 18-25 yr old males and ditzy women (who appear to view him as a sort of alpha male, I guess because he's fairly famous and rich.)

Anyway, this is what I think about Leykis 101:

If you're not going to think for yourself, at least find someone worth listening to. Tom Leykis is a pathetic whining LOSER. Ever notice what kind of ads run on the stations that play his show? I'll tell you -- these are who advertises on his station here in Seattle:
- debt management / credit repair services
- herbs/medicine to increase potency
- bankruptcy lawyers
- career-change schools (“in 3 months, you could be a Database Administrator or Microsoft Network Administrator”)
- crimestoppers (if you have information about this crime, call this #)
- beer ads
- substance abuse clinics
- DUI defense
- penis enlargement
- sex shops / adult bookstores
- laser hair removal
- easy-credit used car lots (“we’ve got in-house financing for outhouse credit”)
- infomercials selling quack medicines to gullible people who think the fake interview is part of a real call-in show
- ads for patently risky, completely un-guaranteed “investments” (as obvious a stupidity tax as one may see)

Not to mention that he’s surrounded by the shallowest, most idiotic and sophomoric programming available, and his callers consistently display complete ignorance about history, politics, geography, literature, human psychology, or their own lives.

What does the above say about his listening audience? Answer: They are LOSERS. Leykis merely exploits the stupidity of a self-selected audience of idiots. Think about it.


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