Monday, September 27, 2004

i have issues

Recently I was trying to figure out a way to express the withering scorn I have for high school graduations, speeches, senior parties, and high school seniors in general: Their boundless confidence; their vast overestimation of their own achievements, worth, and potential; their stupendous, overwhelming ignorance of history, politics, philosophy, science, geography, psychology (in short, everything, with the exception of pop culture); their total lack of perspective regarding the world and their place in it, or their mini-culture and its relevance; their clueless immaturity and smug self-satisfaction.

Basically, I think I have unresolved anger issues -- instead of being lovingly concerned about these fresh young lives heading into the hard cold world, I just find them annoying.

But I can remember when I was a senior myself – I knew that I knew nothing, and I didn’t understand why everyone was going around congratulating each other as if finishing high school had been such a huge accomplishment, and why the graduation speeches went on and on about how much we’d done in the last 4 years and how the road before us was all awesome and everything. Didn't they know that a certain percentage of us were going to turn out to be total losers, and that the percentage was going to be basically the same as it was for every senior class before us and every one after us?


At Fri Oct 01, 02:12:00 PM PDT, Blogger anya ransuns aka Roxy said...

That was funny and refreshing. You're so right about the speeches, self-congratulatory rot, etc.

Another farewell to high school (or to just the school year) element that I despised was the slide show about "all the great times we had" which only included those beautiful or otherwise worthy enough to appear. The slide show was one more way for me feel like a (social) loser...
One thing I do have to note in response to your post, though, is this: Since graduating from high school, I have met some people who were the first in their family to graduate from high school and/or who survived a tough & unstable adolescence, during which continued school attendance was indeed a feat, and thus the fact that they graduated IS a big deal. For what it's worth.

At Wed Nov 16, 02:14:00 PM PST, Blogger bryantorre said...

yeah, i was pretty cranky when i wrote this, i think... :-)


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