Monday, September 20, 2004

Howz it goin' Chief?

Recently a few people I know were complaining that they were seriously bugged if someone called them "Guy", "Hon", "Sport", "Sweetie", etc. Luckily I was there -- since I Know What Is Best For Everyone -- and I decided this:

There are lots of ways people mess with us. For purposes of discussion, it might be useful to break them down into levels or degrees. I have (ahem) a modest example here:
Level 5: Torture, rape, pillage, murder.
Level 4: Mugging, assault, stalking, destruction of property.
Level 3: Threats, insults, trash talk.
Level 2: Subtle social putdowns, intentional rudeness masquerading as courtesy.
Level 1: Being called Buddy, Guy, Pal, Chum, Chief, Hon, Sweetie by well-meaning but clueless people.

So, my point: if your life is so great that all you have to worry about is Level 1 offenses, then be grateful and move on ahead. Life is short, then you're dead -- don't worry, be happy.


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