Monday, March 26, 2007

ravens win!

My current hockey team hasn't had much success this year, but there is one team whose number we seem to have -- they're ranked higher than we are, but counting last night we've beaten them 4 times in a row.

Our first goal was scored by yours truly, and a thing of beauty it was (well, the puck went in the net, anyway). That was a shorthanded breakaway goal; then our next line came out and they scored *another* shortie goal on the same penalty*.

We went on to win 5-2. Now we face the #1 seed, who will clean our clock and send us to the losers bracket, where we're more at home... :-)

*Explanation, for anyone who cares:
We commited a foul, so one of our guys was in the penalty box, and we were skating shorthanded. In that situation, the other team is on a "power play", and we're doing a "penalty kill". On the power play, it would be good to score roughly 25-30% of the time. In other words, *they* were supposed to score, and we'd have been happy just to survive w/o getting scored on. But not only did we kill the penalty, we scored against them. And not only once, but twice in the same penalty. That almost never happens; for the other team, it's the equivalent of winning the Ineptitude Championship. It's like entering an Ugly Contest, and being told "Sorry, no professionals." It's like... well, you get the idea.


At Mon Mar 26, 01:41:00 PM PDT, Blogger si said...

yay! it's like the sac kings winning against the phx suns last night!


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