Sunday, March 25, 2007

not sure who i feel more sorry for...

The guests who are insulted, or the talk show host who can't stop laughing.

Link is here.

This was a live show, and the guests were victims of botched surgeries.

For some reason, this time the host hadn't had a chance to meet the guests beforehand (he says there a conspiracy to get rid of him).

Anyway, the paralyzed woman he was fine with, but he was unprepared for the voice of the throat surgery guy.

His first huge outburst is when the high-voiced guy says that regarding sex, it's not just the physical part but that the ability to speak sweetly is also important. Then when the second throat guy starts in, he's done for.

I know it was completely inappropriate, but I kind of feel bad for the host -- I can imagine something like this happening to anyone. Well, to me anyway...


At Sun Mar 25, 02:14:00 PM PDT, Blogger Left Coast Sister said...

That right there is the reason I could never, never, never do a live show like that (among other reasons, but that is one)... Once I start to laugh I can't reel it in, so although I *should* feel sorry for the victims, I'm in the court of DJ Boomerang. I think it's hilarious that he has a problem hot-line on the radio! The audience is funny too.. the blonde behind the host wasn't sure what was going on, whether she should laugh or not...


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