Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Night at the Museum #2

"The Horse Fair" by some french guy, I think. I really liked this painting.

Ditto Salome.

There's an entire wing devoted to Arms & Armour. Some impressive stuff.

This is called "Little Wave"; I'm not sure if it's supposed to look like it's coming out of an outhouse or not. The cool thing is that it looks 3-D, but it's really flat...

I wondered if the artist was sculpting his mother-in-law. Whoever it was, it's not terribly flattering.
PS. My M-I-L (ex) was cool, and treated me extremely well. Just for the record.

The first painting is called "The Mountain".
The second is called "Summer".
I guess the woman in the red sweater died and they left her there till summer. Or something.

I thought the museum had an extremely full and well-rounded set of items for display.

And I felt this guy approves.
This is called "Therese Dreaming".
I thot it should be called "Therese Should Tell the Authorities About the Artist and the Creepy Way He Looks At Her".


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