Monday, February 05, 2007

Metropolitan Museum of Art

We spent two days at the museum. My thoughts:

1) The range of human artistic expression is vast.

2) People have created some incredibly impressive stuff, even thousands of years ago.

3) Some stuff was only good because it was new or because everything else being done then was so crappy; some famous artists wouldn't be considered anything special by the standards of what we can create today.

4) Some art is just crap no matter how you slice it.

Most of the Greek guys were missing their doodles. I felt sad for them.

Perseus was one of the few with his package intact, but then I think this sculpture is only a couple hundred years old.

I thought this painting was amazing. At right is detail of the right eye. Not sure when it was done, or if the artist gridded out a video picture or what, but I thot it was pretty impressive.

Marsyas challenged Apollo to a music contest. Unfortunately for him, he sucked, and Apollo flayed him alive. Looks like it hurt.

Example of art that is crap.


At Thu Feb 08, 07:21:00 PM PST, Blogger si said...

meant to mention (when i focused on you rather than on the doodle-less statues), you're going for a 50's kind of look in some of the pics, eh? :)


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