Friday, December 24, 2004

not quite mr rogers

We're at a family-type Xmas party last night, it's getting late, adults are still talking/eating/whatever, some smaller kids getting tired and cranky...

One little girl about 7 yrs old -- daughter of a nice couple we've just met and are chatting with -- is crying, wants to go home. I bend down and softly ask if she'd like a lifesaver. She brightens up a little, and with a few sniffles and a little smile says Yes, please.

I give her a peppermint lifesaver and straighten up, quite satisfied with how I've handled that little situation. No doubt her parents are terribly impressed and pleased with the way I've stopped the tears and made their little daughter so happy and content.

Then I glance down just in time to see the little girl make a terrible face as she tastes the peppermint, open her mouth, spit the lifesaver on the floor, and begin to paw at her tongue. Her face crumples into a picture of misery once more as she turns her face into her mother's skirts and begins to wail. Howls of laughter from the adults at my expense.

Anyway, I just have a way with kids. If you need childcare tips, don't be afraid to ask...


At Fri Dec 24, 09:58:00 PM PST, Blogger No_Newz said...

That's classic! You should open your own daycare center ;)
Lois Lane


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