Monday, December 20, 2004


Since I sometimes have the attention span of a gnat, I've grown bored with transcribing the details of my Russia trip. And judging from the number of comments, so has everyone else, and quite a while ago. So, on to more important things...

Last night my hockey team was handed its first regular-season loss -- we are now 9 and 1, with about 15 games left in the season. And the reason we lost was mostly... me.

I played center last night, which means I'm supposed to cover almost the entire rink, plus I'm expected to score as much or more than everyone else. I had 3 breakaways (or semi-breakaways), and the goalie ate me up every time.
I deked him left the first time, and he stacked the pads and denied me.
The second time I went left, then right, and tried for the five-hole (that means between his pads and over his stick), and he shut me down again.
The third time I went right and he slid his stick out and poked the puck away before I got a decent shot off.

In between all that, I also missed a one-timer from about 6' out with 3/4 of the net open -- it was a hard pass, but on a chance like that I'm supposed to bury it.

They scored once in the first period, and an empty-netter with 3 seconds left.

Bottom line, we lost 2-0. Feh.


At Mon Dec 20, 01:56:00 PM PST, Blogger anya ransuns aka Roxy said...

Dang, that's too bad. Sōrry (long O for good hockey accent). Maybe next time you should play better. JK JK! Of course it's not all your fault -- maybe those people playing what's known as "defense" shouldn't have let those pucks get to and inside your guys' goal, you know?

At Mon Dec 20, 02:57:00 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a good thought, Anya, but what it comes down to is this. Our man failed. It was his place to come up with at least 1 goal out of 3 one-on-nones. If I was playing, it would've been better. The other team would be laughing at me trying to skate around AND carry a stick. Then I would start flopping around on the ice to distract their attention. When the goalie came out to look too, we could then score. easy! -Kire

At Mon Dec 20, 03:25:00 PM PST, Blogger No_Newz said...

Your Russia stuff was great! I was waiting for more to read before making my comments! I swear!!!! It was a very good read! Did I mention how lucky you are having such a great sister?
Anyhow, sorry about the hockey game but think of it this way, at least you walked away with all of your teeth. I mean, you did, right?!
Lois Lane


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