Monday, October 23, 2006

In other (boring) news

Last weekend
David went skateboarding without his helmet (not allowed) -- fell and banged his head. I watched him that day and the next for all the standard stuff (nausea, sleepiness, pain, slurred speech, trouble walking/focusing, etc) but he seemed to be fine.
The next day he went skating again and this time fell on his elbow, which swelled up a bit but didn’t seem to be excessively painful.
I delivered the kids to Hannah, left for TX.
Hannah took David to the doctor, phoned to inform me he had a concussion and a hairline fracture of the humerus. Nice work, Bryan. Not that I’d necessarily do anything different on the bumped head thing, but I think I may miss the Dad of the Year award this year.

Finally bought a new laptop. The old one had performance anxiety, a broken USB port, defunct battery, missing “C” key, and a short in the AC power connection (which means it sometimes turned off in the middle of whatever you were doing). Also it weighed about 18 pounds.
(So other than that, Mrs Lincoln...)

Got home from the airport in the wee hrs. Had a text msg from Samantha asking if I could take her shopping in the morning for a dress to wear to the homecoming dance the next night.

Spent ~6 hrs at the mall. Settled in desperation on a fancy skirt that cost more than some suits I’ve bought.
Took Sam to Hannah’s to do her hair, etc. Hannah convinced her a long black skirt and fancy top would flatter her more and look more classy. I think she was right.
I told Sam not to take drugs or have sex at the dance; she said she wouldn't.
Sam’s date dropped her back at her mom’s around midnight. I picked her up; she informed me she’d had a good time, and thanked me several times. She still drives me crazy a lot of the time, but she gets more mature and more fun to be with all the time. I’m very proud of her.

David’s soccer team got killed, 9-0. I’m a little disappointed with what we emphasize in practice, but I’m not the head coach so I just do my part. I’m really proud of the boys for playing hard every game, even tho they’ve only scored a couple of goals all year.
A young girl friend of David’s informed him that “my mom thinks your dad is hot”. Then she gave a little shudder and did that blowing through your lips thing people do when they think of something that gives them the willies. Hee. :-)


At Mon Oct 23, 07:03:00 PM PDT, Anonymous si said...

well, i'd say the comment on sunday capped off anything else that may happened, even 6 hours of shopping (don't pay attention to the girl's shudder -- that's how it is, sorry). tho, it's also nice to hear about your evolving relationship w/sam.

also, yay on your new laptop! but not totally impressed 'cause it didn't have all of the docs that I needed from you... :)

At Tue Oct 24, 09:07:00 AM PDT, Blogger jay are said...

Hey, hope D is doing okay. And I'm glad they don't give out Best Mom awards cuz I'd be WAY at the bottom of the list. We do our best and hopefully become aware of things we need to change and then find the courage to do it.

At Tue Oct 24, 10:04:00 AM PDT, Blogger Andi said...

I think you're still up there for the dad of the year with the whole mall thing. She'll never forget that. She might forget everything else you tell her, but not that.

And for the record, my dad just told E to walk it off when he broke his leg at a soccer game--he must have been 10-12ish. My dad felt really bad after the cast. But it happened again in high school, when E broke his foot, so somebody didn't learn something. Maybe it had more to do with the cost of health care. Who knows.


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