Sunday, July 16, 2006

nothing interesting to report, so i guess that's what I'll do...

(Report nothing interesting, that is.)

Boarding my last plane flight, I set my book and my inflatable neck pillow (which happened to be new) on my seat, then popped into the bathroom at the front. When i got back to my seat, the pillow was gone. i mentioned it to a guy standing next to me, who nodded toward the back and said "Probably that guy wearing it back there..."
Sure enough, there was a young (20-ish) couple a few rows back, and the guy was wearing my neck pillow!
I walked back, smiled, explained that those pillows were not provided by the airline. He grinned sheepishly and gave it back.
I estimate the chance of it being an accident at about 3%. I'm pretty sure he picked it up just to see if he could get away with it and to embarrass/impress his girlfriend.
He got to make her hit him on the arm and whisper, laughing, "I can't believe you did that!" and appear to be a man who strides through the world taking what he wants, living large, fearing no one, swashbuckling, devil-may-care, taking large wet bites out of life.
And I got my pillow back. So it was all good.


At Mon Jul 17, 02:08:00 PM PDT, Blogger blogball said...

Maybe the guy accidentally went to the wrong seat and didn’t see that there was an inflated neck pillow and a book in the seat and sat down. Then he quickly realized he was in the wrong seat and immediately got up and went to his correct seat. Unfortunately there was some gum on his butt and it stuck to the inflatable neck pillow causing it to be carried back to his seat. When the girlfriend said “I can’t believe you did that” she was referring to him sitting on the gum not stealing the neck pillow.
(My parents taught me to always give people the benefit of the doubt)

At Mon Jul 17, 11:15:00 PM PDT, Blogger anya ransuns aka Roxy said...

Ha! That's a VERY good point, blogball.


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