Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Today sent me a Seasons Greetings spam, wishing me happy holidays, and oh by the way, buy our card and call people with it.
Since I'm currently in Philadephia again, and it's cold as a witch's nose, and I had to stay at work until almost 8pm tonight and am feeling grumpy and spiteful, I sent them this (which is all true):

You guys are the worst! I wouldn't buy a nobelcom card if I was starving and they were made of steak.
I bought one for calling Ukraine a couple years ago -- it never worked, tho I tried many times. And each time it failed to connect, it deducted minutes from the card.
Whenever I called Cust Service, I either
a) couldn't get through, or
b) got someone who said basically "You must not be doing it right -- try it again now."
Eventually, the answer was "Well, we're not doing business with that company/carrier/whatever any more, because of problems like yours. Sorry we can't help you."

I tell everyone I know not to do business with

But Happy Holidays anyway.


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