Sunday, September 23, 2007

my cell phone company is brilliant

When I check my voicemail, I want to get to the messages as quickly and painlessly as possible. That's the point of VM, at least for me.

Anyway, the voicemail message used to be:
"You have... two... unheard messages. First unheard message..."

I already thought that was too much. So recently, in a spasm of stupidity, they added a third sentence in the middle, just in case we didn't get the point.

Now it says:
"You have... two... unheard messages. The following msgs have not been heard. First unheard message..."

Did someone actually ask for this? If so, what is wrong with that person?


At Sun Sep 23, 07:28:00 PM PDT, Blogger jay are said...

we obviously have the same drives me NUTS!! there is no checking your messages in a hurry. period.

At Sun Sep 23, 09:03:00 PM PDT, Blogger dkgoodman said...

I bet your cell phone provider charges air time for voicemail. Many do, and many users are surprised when they discover that.

At Mon Sep 24, 02:56:00 PM PDT, Blogger unca said...

I understand the next release will include:

"You have... two... unheard messages. The following msgs have not been heard, at least by you; other people may have heard them; there's no way to really tell. Anyway, what follows is the first message: First unheard message..."

At Mon Sep 24, 03:32:00 PM PDT, Blogger applevenusian said...

Dude, that's f-ed up.

At Tue Sep 25, 11:10:00 AM PDT, Blogger Erik said...

like others, i'm in full agreement.

as they say in the business world, "bottom-line it for me." Even my cell phone bill is too long. i don't need a detailed explanation of how my money is being stolen, i already know that. just tell me when you're done pillaging, so we can both stop pretending it's fair, and move on to next month's fraudulent invoice.

At Tue Sep 25, 07:19:00 PM PDT, Blogger jay are said...

I love this one too: "you have...two...messages...whose retention time is about to expire. You message. You have...three..saved messages. First message:" And then FINALLY you get to hear your message. Lovely.

At Wed Sep 26, 02:43:00 PM PDT, Blogger Left Coast Sister said...

There's a guy on comedy central who has a bit about this... I'll try to find it on As fast as computers work and as fast as the under-25 set can text, you'd think a cvoicemail system *could* speed it up a bit.

At Sat Sep 29, 12:40:00 AM PDT, Blogger jay aitch said...

Or...if you want to leave a message press 1; if you want to leave a fax (for crying out loud) press 2; if you want to buy a car press 3 and on it goes until you want to throw it across the room! If you are in a dire hurry, forget it!

At Sun Sep 30, 03:40:00 PM PDT, Blogger si said...

trying to comment while in denver airport on my new-ish blackberry (can actually see word verification!). since i'm late in commenting, i think everyone else already said all there was to say -- having the same carrier, i know your pain. both leaving and retrieving msgs are such time wasters (air time adding up!).

missed you in keystone. it was not convenient at all -- far from airport, conference ctr quite a ways from lodging, and needed to drive to all of the “hot spots!” took advantage of hotel bar, teaching bartenders new concoctions. really beautiful, tho, and wonderful weather. had an exciting unintentional wakeup call one morning at 6 a.m. -- fire alarms went off on some of the floors and rooms (like mine). got to see lots of people in their pajamas and curlers (not me -- put on real clothes!)
fire trucks came and firemen strolled through -- at that point, the seriousness didn't seem that pressing.

some folks did ask after you -- where was the “other” employee from our site? :-)

At Tue Oct 02, 05:36:00 PM PDT, Blogger si said...

hey, i didn't think the previous comment posted! never mind the 2nd half of my email to you -- but please pay attn to the 1st half! :)


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